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Product Management
The Best Product Management Books
The product management books that I recommend most often.
Lessons from $2,500 and 2,500 Improving My Sleep
I spent $2,500 & 2,500 hours improving my sleep. This is what I learned.
Personal Growth
How to Turn Pressure into Progress
Rapid learning and progress are catalyzed by intensity, reinforced by volume, and cemented by rest and reflection.
Product Management
A Primer on Product Metrics
Defining a great set of product metrics is one of the most important things a product team does. This is how we can define them.
6 Tips for Clearer Communication
A few tools I use to communicate more clearly.
Product Management
Paths to Product Management
Landing a role in product management is challenging. In this article, I discuss the two easiest paths.
Control the Narrative & Other Leadership Lessons
These are a few things I learned from leading one of the most complicated projects in LinkedIn's history.
Product Management
The Five P’s of Product Discovery
How to tackle the most nebulous part of a product manager's job.
Product Management
22 Principles for Great Product Managers
These are the principles that have helped me succeed as a product manager.