Product management (PM) is more art than science. And as with many roles, study is useless without real-world practice. In the case of PM, reading is no substitute for shipping products with your team. 

But for those new to the role, or someone experienced looking for a refresher, below is what I recommend most often. There are more leadership books than “PM” books because PM is, first and foremost, a leadership role. There’s far more to the job than that, of course, but a PM can’t succeed unless they’re surrounded by a capable, motivated, and aligned team.

General PM Books

Leadership and “Business”

Other Content

Two other related thoughts…

Firstly, your strengths and gaps as a PM are going to be informed by your background. You might have noticed there’s nothing on product design above, and only a little on analytics. For me, those were strengths prior to PM, so I studied them less. Your situation might be different.

Secondly, PMs need to have a T-shaped skill set. They need to be reasonably good at a lot of different things, but uniquely good at one particular thing. That one thing is usually design (product sense), technical, or “business.” Figure out what you’re going to be uniquely good at and what plays to your strengths, and study and practice that thing.