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Lessons from $2,500 and 2,500 Improving My Sleep

I spent $2,500 & 2,500 hours improving my sleep. This is what I learned.

Managing Email with Buckets and Batching

“Buckets and batching” is the system I’ve developed to manage my inbox.
Personal Growth

How to Turn Pressure into Progress

Rapid learning and progress are catalyzed by intensity, reinforced by volume, and cemented by rest and reflection.
Product Management

A Primer on Product Metrics

Defining a great set of product metrics is one of the most important things a product team does. This is how we can define them.

6 Tips for Clearer Communication

A few tools I use to communicate more clearly.
Product Management

Paths to Product Management

Landing a role in product management is challenging. In this article, I discuss the two easiest paths.

Control the Narrative & Other Leadership Lessons

These are a few things I learned from leading one of the most complicated projects in LinkedIn's history.
Product Management

The Five P’s of Product Discovery

How to tackle the most nebulous part of a product manager's job.
Product Management

22 Principles for Great Product Managers

These are the principles that have helped me succeed as a product manager.